Transportation Services


Need a Ride?

Our veterans have given so much in service of their country, and we’re always jumping at opportunities to give back. One area that constantly presents a need for assistance is transportation. Many veterans have disabilities and other factors that prevent them from traveling easily, so we’re doing what we can to offer transportation services that make their lives easier. Here’s how:

  • Rural Outreach: Transportation infrastructure is limited in some areas. We address this by offering transport to the veterans who need it using the methods available to us.
  • Community Partnerships: We collaborate with local organizations to expand the available transportation options and keep costs low for veterans.
  • Healthcare Access: Many veterans have a strong need for medical services, and getting them to their appointments for check-ups, treatments, and mental health services is paramount.
  • Independence: Access to transportation services means veterans can maintain as much of their independence as possible.
  • Employment Support: We help veterans commute to job interviews, training programs, and other employment opportunities.
  • Adaptive Equipment: We provide adaptive vehicles and other equipment to veterans with special mobility needs.

In addition to providing transportation services, we’re strong supporters of the implementation of programs that will provide further veteran support.

  • Awareness Campaigns: Our services are only helpful if veterans know about them, so we’re constantly making efforts to increase awareness of these programs that can significantly improve the day-to-day lives of the people who use them.
  • Legislative Advocacy: We’re always advocating for funding and policies that will increase the transportation options available to veterans.

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