Employee Resource Groups

Veteran Employee Resource Groups – Get Involved
You are a Platoon – the boots on the ground – and essential to the mission of ending Veteran suicide with Platoon 22.


Raising awareness about the suicide epidemic facing our Veterans is our mission.
Sharing thriving stories of Veterans and their families is our passion.

Invite Platoon 22 to your next ERG meeting and we can share our mission, vision, and most importantly, real stories of Veterans who are thriving with Platoon 22.


There are endless ways to engage as a team, department, company, and community. We have ideas to help! But encourage your platoon to find what speaks to you. Every dollar raised in campaigns and fundraisers will empower Veterans in their journey to a new way of life. And we thank you for your partnership.

  • Community golf tournaments, backyard barbecues, and bowlings nights are successful fundraisers from past partners! 
  • Mental Health awareness campaigns are changing lives in ERGs and companies. Platoon 22 can help you build a successful campaign.
  • As a team, volunteer for an opportunity directly with Platoon 22 – help renovate and refresh Veteran housing units, host Breakfast Banter, organize a Peer Recreational Event for Veterans at Platoon 22 (e.g. pickleball, softball, yoga).


Your partnership makes it possible for thousands of Veterans to receive the focused services they deserve when navigating PTSD or PTS. You are standing side-by-side with Veterans as they transition, transform, and thrive.

Your Platoon serves our Platoon 22. 

  • Platoon 22 welcomes inquiries from companies that support our mission.
  • Our team is excited to serve alongside you as we explore opportunities for engagement. Please email [email protected] to learn more today.
  • Corporate Matching and Corporate Foundation opportunities are extra ways to multiply your ERG’s impact.

    Interested in a Group? Reach Out!