Recreation & Peer Support

Share some time with others who can relate

Recreation and peer support go a long way toward enhancing quality of life and we are here to offer you our support. Our services are designed to promote and encourage camaraderie and connection, along with an overall sense of well-being.

Recreation is a powerful tool aiding in relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth. Our programs are not only fun and relaxing; they also foster community growth. We invite you to join us and share some time with others who can relate to your experiences. By participating in shared activities, lifelong friendships offering can be forged.

The power of sharing experiences can have a tremendously positive impact on your life.
We offer recreation and peer support programs that foster a community of belonging and purpose. Here, social connections are created, and overall happiness and well-being are promoted.
We want to invite you to participate in our outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and shooting. Please be aware that our offerings change seasonally.

Additionally, you can take the opportunity to join our “Boots & Banter” supportive gatherings. These casual coffee socials are designed for veterans and their spouses, to provide them with a safe space to share experiences and connect with peers. Boots & Banter is an event you won’t want to miss. Upcoming dates and locations will be announced soon.

At Platoon 22 we provide opportunities for you and your fellow veterans to find joy, fulfillment, support, friendship, and a new renewed sense of contentment and purpose. Here, recreation and peer support go hand in hand to improve the lives of all of our military veterans. We stand with you to make lifelong memories and create new connections that will be cherished forever.


Platoon Outdoors is here to help Veterans & First Responders connect and network with one another while getting back to the land and outdoors they so selflessly fought for. While doing so, they benefit from vast amount of both physical and emotional benefits being outdoors has on a person.

Social Sports

Platoon 22’s social sports program aims to set the standard for how to improve Veterans’ physical, mental, and emotional health through sports, physical activity, and comradery.

Our Various social sports provide Veterans with continuous, reoccurring opportunities to reintegrate into their communities in a fun, positive and supportive atmosphere.

We encourage veterans, active-duty military, first responders and family to develop long lasting friendships, and build networks of support, Through sports such as cornhole, pickle ball, softball and kickball. Our veterans have developed lasting friendships and new support systems.


Platoon 22 has partnered with certified Equine therapist across the United States to provide access to the best programs for our veterans. Our premier partner, “Healing Heroes with Horses” is a Pennsylvania based nonprofit.


Platoon 22 recently launched VAST (Veteran Art Support and Therapies) program. VAST is a fun, stress relieving program serving Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders, Spouses and children through art Therapy.


Platoon 22 wants to support the recovery and resilience among veterans, military families and first responders. The Current literature suggests that therapeutic yoga practices are a valuable treatment component for PTSD, MST and other trauma-related difficulties.


Coming Soon!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reach out via the contact form below!