Platoon Outdoors

Veterans & First Responders

For more information email a copy of your badge, ID, or DD214 to: [email protected]

Platoon Outdoors is here to help Veterans & First Responders connect and network with one another while getting back to the land and outdoors they so selflessly fought for. While doing so, they benefit from vast amount of both physical and emotional benefits being outdoors has on a person. Our trips and events have done more than just create lifelong friendships, we have helped Veterans and First Responders establish new businesses, create new hobbies and discover new passions. Platoon Outdoors empowers our nations military and First Responders. We ensure no detail is overlooked, every need is met, and every expense is covered.

Night Time Bowfish
August 17, Maryland

Overnight Fishing Charter
August 18-19, Maryland

Shark Fishing
October 7-9, North Carolina

“Snaketober” Bowfish
October 8, Maryland

Whitetail Bow Hunt
October 13-17, Ohio

Whitetail Rifle Hunt
November 19-22, Kentucky

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    “That weekend did something to me that I haven’t experienced since being discharged. It gave me the brotherhood and camaraderie I’d been seeking for over a decade. I felt full, happy, and purposeful. I was driven, focused on an endeavor with a higher feeling of positivity, and it gave me peace.

    This was more than a hunting trip for me. It was the peace I needed, to know I’m not alone, and that I don’t have to fight alone. I am forever grateful to Platoon 22 and the others involved. One weekend, and my life did a 180° turn for the better. I’m optimistic and anxiously waiting for more of this in the future. My only hope is that I, myself, can have this impact on another veteran, but I have no doubt in my mind that this hope will be a reality in the near future.”

    “Because of this event I walked away with new friends, the comradery was great. I have to say the professionalism from Platoon 22 and the outfitters was awesome. Katie and Platoon outdoors went above and beyond. Big and small, no detail was over looked. Even asking for the guys preferred drinks prior, so once on board everyone had the drink they wanted.I will absolutely recommend this hunt and hunts with Platoon 22 everytime.”

    “Getting together with a few Vets for a weekend is exactly what I needed. I can’t thank Platoon 22 and Katie & Fain enough for the great experience! I hope to be a part of something great like this again in the future.”