Programs & Services

At Platoon we are committed to meeting the Veteran where they are today and getting them to their desired tomorrow. We offer an array of services for any Veteran regardless of discharge status.

Care Coordination

We understand how challenging transitioning from military to civilian life can be. It’s our mission to ensure that as a Veteran you have access to all of the resources you need. Through our care coordination program, we work with our partners to create a plan that takes your needs into account so you receive safe and effective care.

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Relief & Resiliency

We understand that as a veteran you may struggle to transition to civilian life, and we strive to empower all of our veterans to overcome obstacles and live happily. You have given us the freedoms we have today through your service, so the least we can do is provide a boost for you in return.

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Recreation & Peer Support

Recreation and peer support go a long way toward enhancing quality of life and we are here to offer you our support. Our services are designed to promote and encourage camaraderie and connection, along with an overall sense of well-being.

Recreation is a powerful tool aiding in relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth. Our programs are not only fun and relaxing; they also foster community growth. We invite you to join us and share some time with others who can relate to your experiences. By participating in shared activities, lifelong friendships offering can be forged.

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Veteran Services Center

Every Veteran has unique opportunities, dreams, and challenges. Together, Platoon 22 and Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley have opened the Platoon Veteran Services Center at Goodwill.

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