In addition to benefits navigation and case management services, Platoon 22 is here to help you network and connect with fellow Veterans. Peer Support groups, recreational offerings, and Platoon Care retreats are ready for you.

Platoon Care

Thanks to The Truist Foundation, Platoon 22 has partnered with SOLDIERFIT to present our first Platoon Care Wellness Retreat series. This one-day event will cover physical, mental, and financial wellness. Each Veteran will leave with the steps needed to take their wellness to the next level and everything needed to complete the REBOOT challenge.

NEXT RETREAT: Coming Soon!
REGISTER NOW: [email protected]


Platoon 22 offers a variety of recreational activities throughout the year. Check back for 2021 offerings.

If it wasn’t for each other, I’m sure a lot of us would have gone crazy. That’s where the cohesion comes in. We were brothers

With this epidemic running through our ranks, we will stand together and win this war.

Direct donations are one of the best ways we can fight this battle together. Your gift goes straight to programming that helps veterans and their families get the support they need.