Platoon 22 Announces Role in Veterans Treatment Court to Support Veterans in Need

[Frederick, MD, April 22, 2024] – Platoon 22, a leading advocate for veterans’ well-being, proudly announces its collaboration with the Veterans Treatment Court to extend crucial support to veterans facing nonviolent offenses. This strategic alliance aims to address the unique challenges veterans encounter, offering a pathway to rehabilitation and stability.

Unlike circuit courts, the Veterans Treatment Court operates at the district level, specifically targeting victimless crimes. Platoon 22 emphasizes that participation in the program is entirely voluntary, respecting veterans’ autonomy in choosing the best path forward. Through this opportunity, Platoon 22 has been named as the dedicated Docket Coordinator for District 11 covering Frederick and Washington Counties. This role ensures a harmonious environment conducive to treatment, fostering a supportive community and reducing recidivism rates.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to serving those who served regardless of discharge status or any other extenuating circumstances,” stated Niki Falzone, Executive Director at Platoon 22. “By coordinating with the Veterans Treatment Court, we can offer Veterans facing district court level offenses access to essential resources and support systems tailored to their unique needs.”

Key highlights of the initiative include:

  • Voluntary Participation: Veterans have the autonomy to choose whether to enroll in the program, ensuring that they are active participants in their rehabilitation journey.
  • Focus on District Level Court Offenses: The program targets victimless crimes, providing an opportunity for veterans to address underlying issues without the stigma associated with criminal offenses.
  • 14-Month Program: The typical program length spans 14 months, allowing veterans ample time to engage in treatment, access resources, and stabilize their lives.

Through this initiative, Platoon 22 aims to empower veterans, connecting them with vital services such as U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and local resources. By addressing veterans’ specific challenges and barriers, Platoon 22 and the Veterans Treatment Court seek to create a brighter future for those who have bravely served our nation.

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